Friday, July 2, 2010

Quails...part 2

Ok, so I am not so sure who is the smarter? Us or the Quail!

Once again, Hubby & I sat on the balcony relaxing and thought we would have fun with the quail, so hubby did his 'quail call' and right away we got lots of responses...this time 3 males were determined to find the elusive female quail, (little do they know that the female is really a 6'2" middle aged man.), well to our surprise, 2 of the males flew up to our balcony railing, they looked at us, we looked at them, we all screeched, the 2 males flew off & we regained our composure! Oh sure, were is my camera when I have the perfect photo-op!

Ok, way cheaper then going to the movies & no Quails were harmed in the making of a fun!

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  1. So funny! You had your comupins didn't you? Ha!


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