Friday, July 2, 2010

The Twins....

Yesterday's weather was nice, perfect for an outing in town with my 'Baby Girl' and her 2 little baby girls....We ran a few errands and then took advantage of the nice weather and had lunch out on the patio of a local eatery....truth be known, we didn't have much options and had to eat outside...when you are pushing a stroller that is the size of a 747 airplane, you have to do some pretty smart navigating! Not to mention making a U-turn in a somewhat narrow hall way of a Medical building!But my 'Baby Girl" is quite the pro of "TwinStrollerology" and navigates that thing as if it were a VW Bug. I on the other hand am still fine tuning my twin stroller skills....give me time & I too will be a Pro! lol!

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  1. Good for you, no sitting on duffs with little ones. They are so growing up!!! So cute!


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