Saturday, July 3, 2010


Lover Boy came a courtin'
ok, that's just weird! A Quail looking down on me...
Ok, this time I had my camera ready...and sure enough, Lover Boy came a courtin' my hubby, the good sport and twisted person-like me, got his Quail Caller out and did his best female quail call/impersonation and sure enough, like Sailors on shore leave, the quail came.... 2 were very determined to find & woo the fair damsel,,, until they got close enough to see 2 kitties & a 6'2'' man staring back at!
I think even our resident Robins & Blue Birds find the Quail amusing in a goofy sort of way.

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  1. Ok, you guys are weird all right....a little too much time on your hands!! lol Come on over and I will put you to work on Trailer Trash!


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