Friday, December 28, 2012

Silly Grand-kiddos

Yesterday my daughter and I had to make a mad dash into Spokane,,, we decided it was easiest for us to treat the kiddos to a play time at McDonalds.....and they had a was nearly impossible to get them out of there! lol!
 Jada,,, shows no fear!
 She was making a silly face,,, but it is hard to see from the glare....
Can you tell by the expression on Leilei's face she is not happy? ...
 "What to do mean, it's time to go!?"...
Aidy-phoo... the girls soon to be little brother, is to little to join in on the play area but he was content to help me eat my lunch...well the sweet-&-sour sauce anyways... lol!


  1. Ah kids, play time and junk food at McDonalds :)

  2. Happy New Year, dear Katmom, thanks for your comments in 2012!!!
    Jutta from Berlin

  3. They are growing so fast Grace! Cuties! Wishing you and Gary a very Happy New Year! xox


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