Monday, August 9, 2010

CHOCOLATE!!!!! Cowgirl Chocolates No Less!

I Found Them! "Cowgirl Chocolates"
Enter at your own risk! Chocoholics beware!
I am in Chocoheaven!

Ok, so I have been a big fan of Cowgirl Chocolates since 2 years ago when I came across them at a local street fair in Moscow, Idaho, and then at the Farm Chicks show last & this year....
I love their Dark Chocolate Lavender bars...and have just discovered their array of "Spicy Chocolates!" I am such a "chocoholic! lol!
Anyways, I drove by their shop a week ago on my way to the Elk River,,, ya can't just hit your brakes when towing a trailer,,,so I said, "self, remember where you saw them"....
Then on my way to Deary, Idaho, I spotted them again,,,Shoot! towing trailer...can't stop...but I will be back!
On Saturday I snuck back over to Moscow, ID...and when I spotted them, threw my Jeep into Park, dashed out of the jeep and hoofed it over to the Cowgirl Chocolate Shop! Score!
I was in Chocolate Heaven! And...a life size cardboard poster of Dale Evans ta boot!
Needless to say I did not leave empty handed....
I can check them off my "Bucket List" but don't worry, now that I know where they are,,,I will be visiting every time I go to Moscow and when I can't get over to Moscow...I will go to my friendly little laptop, click on them in "My Favorite" and shop...ah, life doesn't get any easier.
Check them out at or go over to 'My Favorite Places to Visit' and click on 'Cowgirl Chocolates' and it will take you right to them...Happy (chocolate) Trails to You!

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  1. Are these the same people that make the chocolate bars from MJ's Farm? I got some of hers awhile back and they were YUMMO...lavender and chili I think...awesome and I'm not really a chocoholic but I could be with those! I'll check them out...thanks for the website. Also, where do people get those neat photos of old fashioned cowgirls? I'd like to collage and decorate with pictures like that. Check out my blog for a great book I'm reading on oral's fantastic!
    Now I want chocolate and there's none for miles! Thanks a lot! LOL!


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