Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little of This & That....

What a cool old radio...can you believe I won it in an auction...and for only $23.00 SCORE! works! How cool is that!?
Ahhh, to sleep like a little 'peekaboo' can sleep most where does your kitty sleep?
It's lavender harvest time.....and so it begins,
This is a quilt that I finally got around to assembling from blocks in a 'quilt block swap' 2008....
The sad thing is, the lovely lady who was the "swap mama" for this swap, passed away from cancer several months later. I couldn't emotionally work on the quilt so I tucked the blocks away in a box.
The other day I was rummaging through some boxes when I came upon it... I decided I needed to assemble the blocks in tribute to Clare...
Clare's block is in the lower left corner.
"Clare.... I hope you like how it turned out & Thank you for touching our lives with your love of quilting."
This isn't a great photo, but it is of a lovely old sewing cabinet. I think it is from Europe as it has built in plug receptacles, but they are the round type prongs like they have in Germany...or?
I love the turquoise serving dish...probably 1960's....I found it at "Hidden Treasures" an antique/collectibles shop in Airway Heights, WA.
Look what hubby brought this COOL or What?'s a radio antenna with a horse head is now proudly on my Jeep.
Ok, once again I have gotten out of control with a can of spray paint...hey ya know what I always say..."if it moves, Salute it...if it don't...paint it!" lolol!
I found the 2 tacky brassy lipstick holders at a local Thrift Shop for .99 cents each. The glass holder was only .49 cents and the Bundt pan was .99 cents...
I LUV spray paint! lol!
OK...someone hide the 'post-its' from me!....
Am I the only one who has to mark nearly every page with a save that page? lol!
My dear friend, Bev, came across this book and sent it to early Christmas present...what she didn't know was that I had been reading about the author, Sharon Shipley and this book... know me all to well! Now can ya send me some more post-its? lol!


  1. Cute! Lovely Bev, so sweet of her to send you that lavender book, perfect!
    Love Peekaboo's new 'nest'!
    Glad you got the memorial done for Clare, so fitting.
    Love the antenna, I will be on the lookout for it, in my area! Can you find your car in the parking lot at WWorld easier, now? lol

  2. Fun to read!! I laughed because I've just spent the morning spray painting for Funky Junk=)...nice finds!

  3. Your furniture is beautiful and that radio works???? How lucky are you? I remember those that's how old I am! Love your saying about spray paint and what a great color! RED!!! The antenna is too much...I love horses and have never seen anything like that...very cool!
    How do you grow lavender? I have tried and tried over the years and would dearly love to grow a lot of it but it always dies on me. Is there a secret? That book looks beautiful...of course I love books of all kinds and gardening and horses and old stuff...yada, yada, yada! LOL!

  4. Glad you are enjoying the book!!! It seemed perfect for you. I found it at the Chicago Botanical gardens when we were there last month.

    You are always so busy, Gracie....bring your spray paint when you come for a visit....I will put you to work!!



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