Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winter Holiday Quilt....

OK, after Hubby & I looked at this photo we both laughed..the first thing that came to mind was "Mr Wilson" from the Tim Allen T.V. show, "Tool Time", were the neighbor, Mr Wilson's full face was never seen... I guess I will have to call my hubby "Mr Wilson"! lol!

Ok, and now about the quilt....this was from a Holiday Quilt Block Swap from 2008....yep, it took me that long to find it and assemble it.
I really need to quit stashing things in hat boxes...I forget that the boxes have stuff in them...and to think I have hat boxes & old vintage suitcases all around the house....full of I don't know!
I may be slow, but I do finally get things done! lol!
And now off to finish an Autumn themed quilt, yep from another block swap from 2008.


  1. Oh! Pretty quilt! Just in time for the Holidays! I'm working on a folk art quilt that I just put on my blog...check it out... I have only been quilting for about a year but love it! I've done everything else BUT quilt before this! LOL! Oh, yes...and I know all about the "boxes" but what fun when you can clean your house and go on an archealogical expedition at the same time!


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