Monday, August 2, 2010

I Need (more) Therapy!

So, here you see why I need Therapy! Scary huh!

This is part of my "Silver Collection"
I am a "Collectaholic"..I wonder if there is a 12-Step Program for me?
Can you spot my collection of Tea Cups(in box) and saucers?(stacked)
I also collect what I call "Tourist Plates"...I will have to post a picture of them, but I will save them for another time. Oh & as it turns out, I am not the only one with an affliction for Tourist Plates...turns out one of my wonderful friends dose too! Who New! lol!
Now it's spilling onto the floor....yikes!
I luv Cake Tins...and there are more hidden behind the ones up front.
I also luv vintage 1950's & 60's kitchen gadgets & what-nots.
Not to mention my little fabric stash and 2 mid-century sewing machines in their cases, hidden under overflowing fabric...('tween the 2 sets of shelves, on the floor)
I also luv vintage wash boards, especially glass ones. As you can see, our little Dolly-girl is checking out the small is a "Lingerie Board", it was used for ladies dedicates, hankies, gloves, slips, well you get the idea.
I have a 4th wash board in my kitchen, I attached coffee hooks on it to hang my aprons from.
Ok, this is kinda scary! I have this life-size autographed Steve Garvy display with actual
autographs from sports players, actors & actresses and other celebrities from the early 1980's.
All the rest of the "stuff" is my stock pile of Vintage/Victorian/Roses/Western themed
decorative stuff for my 1959 Aljo trailer, when it has been fully restored....but for now all this stuff stays here.
So, when Hubby Dearest & I bought this house, neither of us were to keen on the "Basement" concept...having come from California, we mostly had 'Ranch Style' homes and no need for basements...however I have discovered (tho not fond of them) basements are a great place for storing ones collectibles, treasures or as my hubby calls it,,,"All my junk"! lol! Hey at least it's not out in his Man Cave taking up space! lol!
I try to rotate my vintage linen display on this wonderful handmade linen rack that is well over 60 years old. It was given to me by my lovely neighbor...she knew it would be perfect to hang my goodies on.....problem is, I have 3 suit cases,,,vintage of course, full of linens...
Ok, it's official...I Need Therapy....or a bigger basement! lol!


  1. OMG, I can't stop giggling. Therapy? No, just a little cottage to display all your beautiful treasures........... or you could have a yard sale and call me first. :)

  2. you could open an etsy shop. etsy is so fun... although you may find even more to add to your collections from that website. LOL

  3. What were you doing in my basement? That's what I want to know. Kindred spirits! Love it all.

  4. Too funny, I just blogged about the same affliction. You are much more organized than I am though!

  5. I feel much better about my stash of stuff now! I thought I was the only one! LOL


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