Saturday, August 14, 2010

'Harvest Treasures' in Airway Heights.

OMG! Look at these cute "Scotty" glasses...they will look so cute in my Scotty Trailer.
I bought this mixer today,,ya ya, I know I have 18 vintage mixers, why do I need another one...because I just do! lol!
Look what I SCORED today! A Cute mid-Century Dormeyer Mixer.(rt)
I went to the 'Harvest Treasures' event in Airway Heights today. Hosted by Garden Stone Creations....
Besides having a wonderful time visiting with friends who are/were vendors I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful new vendors ....
What a great local event it turned out to be and what a great bunch of cleaver & crafty ladies.


  1. We had juice glasses just like those when I was a little kid!!

  2. LOVING the Scotty glasses and yes, they will look adorable in your trailer!


  3. Too cute! I love Scotties... mostly because I love Mary Englebreit and she has always used Scotties in her artwork. I started collecting them but I only have one! Ha! Ha! I have a black Scottie ceramic cookie jar. Sounds like you had a great day and those mixers are so cool!

  4. great quilt and collections as well. i haven't put those blocks together yet either. inspiration. i di just finish helping carmen put the colorful crazy 9 patch blocks together and we are hand appliquing crazy colorful chickens a all over the front....with a wild limey green binding. pics soon i promise. looks like you have been busy. thanks for letting me know about your finished quiltie. cheers! Jess

  5. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that the scotty glasses found their home with you and your trailer!! Hope you can travel to Sandpoint to find some more finds...I have a mixer too;)


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