Monday, August 9, 2010

Small Towns and Old Churches

Welcome to Downtown Troy Idaho....population aprox:728
How sad a once was community church lays abandoned and in disrepair.
I spotted these cut mailboxes on a side street...I think I need a cute mail box!
Troy is a small community that lays south of Moscow Idaho, probably one of the many logging communities that were on route/Hwy 8 in Idaho. But as the logging industry changed so did this and many other communities.
But they manage to survive, and have their own special quaintness....
I love quaint towns, with their juxtapose of old and new,...just trying to survive in a world that has sort of forgotten them, left them behind for the modern technologies of today.
I love getting "off the interstate" to explore....and when you do, you meet the most wonderful people who know how to slow down and chat....


  1. If I lived closer I would buy that old church and fix it up! Also if I had gobs of money...I've fixed up quite a few "money pits" in my day but nothing gets my attention like a sad old farmhouse or building that has SO MUCH POSSIBILITY!!!! It looks gorgeous there....

  2. Oh! And yes..those mailboxes are TOO cute!

  3. Oh my..I could do wonders with that old it for sale?

  4. Wow, Troy looks a lot bigger than it was the last time I went through! lol There is just something about small towns. I love them and all the history, seeping out of the old buildings.


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