Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Luv My Hummies...

It's that time of season where all the birds are stopping by in flocks to fill up at the "All You Can Eat ~ Brown's Dinner"!
We have on average 4 lil Hummies at a time swooping past our heads to get to their nectar.

I can get about 12"-18" from them, and talk,,,yea yea-I talk to the birds.... and they just watch me with out taking flight.
The other day I was standing next to the feeder and a lil Hummie landed on the feeder without any fear of me...his (or her) lil feet were sooo tiny.
It was interesting to see that their wings span the length of their bodies.
They just kept coming and often as lil Hummies do, they would chase off the other Hummie and while those two are playing chase, another Hummie would come up to the feeder.
Hummies have a tendency to be territorial and don't like to share...but they are also very playful and talkative.
Soon they will start their Migration along with all the other birds but while they are here I will do my best to fatten them up for their journey south.
My dear friend Bev, who lives in Pennsylvaina is enjoying her treasure trove of Hummies too. Check them out on her blog at:
I'll miss these little guys come Winter but look forward to their return next Spring.


  1. Yes..I love my hummies too and talk to them. I live in my parents house and they have both passed and I hang the feeder from the same hook my Mother did and she loved them. Someone told me that some of them are probably the same ones she fed as they return to the same feeders each year. I also found out that they get the syrup with their very long tongues! I did not know that either!

  2. Great pics, Grace! Thanks for mentioning my little corner of bloglandia!


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