Sunday, August 29, 2010

Re~purposed Glass Light Globes...

So what do you do with Crystal or glass globes?
You re~purpose them of course!
I used a tin lid for the base, found a beaded candle ring in my stash to which I put around the base of the glass chimney and then inserted a little votive candle.
You could also use tea lights or better yet the little battery operated tea lights if you have little children to worry about.
As for the glass globes, now I have wonderful 'pots' to house my Violets in.....
So I am once again I was perusing the 2nd Hand Shops and came across some of the glass 'chimneys' or what ever they are called....I found several of them for .99 cents I looked at them I discovered that the one pictured above is Lead Crystal. I though it would make a great candle chimney since it is Crystal & reflects the light beautifully. I also found a pretty shorter purple one...needless to say, "SOLD" and could hardly wait to get them home, wash them and decorate them for display.
As for the old white utility type glass globes...those were recovered from a dilapidated old trailer..(in other words-Free!), Hubby asked why I wanted them to which I responded...for flower pots! I am sure he thought I was nuts! lol!
Well today I cleaned them up and put some sweet violets in them.
I think I will be on the look out for some more, I see them all the time at 2nd Hand Shops for a dollar.
I plan to get some more, and then I will spray paint the outside of the globes in some complementary colors to my decor...Hmmm, I could even paint them to match the cool is that!?! I see Red for Christmas, Rust for Autumn, well you get the idea.
For my violets, I put the plants in a clay pot, and then fill the "globe/bowl" 1/3 with water, place the clay pot into the globe/bowl and then the clay pot wicks the water to keep the violets moist so you don't have to water as often.
Don't you just love "Free"?!


  1. Very cute repurpose on the light globes! And when you are off thrifting or glamping, your plants are getting watered!

  2. I love this idea! As I have a small but beloved collection of milk glass, these would fit right in. Thanks for the idea! Lilli

  3. What great re-purposing! You are a master! I think I may have few of those around here myself...I'd better go look right now! LOL!


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