Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aprons 1930-1960

As you know,,, I love finding vintage aprons, both factory made & homemade....
I rely on a wonderful book to help guide me to 'dating vintage fabric'.... and tho' I had these 2 aprons narrowed down to between the 1930's to the 1960's... I think this one is

from the 1930's-40's as these particular colors were very popular then. Mint Green & Bubblegum pink... This is the 2nd apron that I have that incorporate black, mint & pink on a white or beige background.

This apron is a bit more difficult for me to narrow down,,, in greys & blues.... and I also have a 2nd apron similar in this color palette. But for now I have it narrowed to between 1930-60's.

Both aprons are homemade and sweet as can be. As always, I hand wash my aprons, hang dry and then I iron them using my homemade lavender water spray. These two are on display in my sewing room for now. I love rotating my aprons in my kitchen and in my sewing room. It's amazing how women managed to make sweet little aprons from cast off, re purposed fabric, even feed/grain sacks. Cotton fabric back then was 36" wide so placing one's pattern on fabric with minimal waste was very important.


  1. OMG! We are so alike it's scary....I have old aprons hanging in my kitchen too! But I have no idea how old they are but they look fairly old. I don't think many are from the 50' or 60' because I would recognize that era! LOL! What's the name of the book to find out how old they are? Are aprons worth anything other than historical? I like yours...they are very nice! Maybe I'll have to post mine one of these days.

  2. Never mind...DUH! I saw the logo on your sidebar and clicked on it! LOL! Not enough caffeine in my system yet!

  3. Love that first design. I don't think these are in the 60's either, the second is pretty old.

  4. I have to say....I like the second one! Although the first is cool, too....but the second....really sweet!!


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