Saturday, January 14, 2012


It never fails,,, just as I start to get caught up on my stack of UFO's (Un-finished objects) I manage to add more to the stack! "Three steps forward & two steps back"... Oh Well!
This is a 'Pillowcase Pantaloon' that I made from, yep, a pillowcase.

This is a easy~peasy little girls top,,,also from a pillowcase.

This apron was made from 2 pillowcases.....

I plan to use these to hang from my portable clothesline that hooks off of my vintage trailer.

I might even hunt down a pair of 'Granny Panties' to hang along with these just to get a giggle out of passers by... lol!

Oh poor little Peekaboo... she's exhausted, and decided to take a nap on 'KatDad's computer.

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  1. I totally understand. I have been adding to my list when I should be reducing the list. Thanks for explaining what UFO stands for (ha ha ha!).


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