Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Pick Up Hitch Hickers....

Hey Lady, could ya spare some change for a homeless Turkey? I've been outta work since November!

Hmmm, window is down,,, wonder if she would like to give me a ride....

Always wanted to be a 'Hood Ornament"....

OK, so much for being a Hood Ornament....Boring!

You lookin' at me?

OK, I'm done.... outta here, gotta go back to my Ladies!

Hey Girls, did ya miss me?

Ok, so I was driving down the road into town when Mr Turkey comes running down the road toward me... The next thing I know... he is on the hood of my Jeep... looking at me.... not sure what he was thinking.... but after a bit of eye balling each other he got board and went on back to his Harem of Hens.....

You just never know what will come across your path out in the country.

No Harm....No Foul! lolololol!


  1. You just never know what the day will bring! Pays to wake up and get out into the world, by golly!

  2. Wow, it sure pays to wake up every day, doesn't it! You never know what the day may hold. Great photos!

  3. kAT,
    That turkey was either very smart or very dumb, hard to tell with them. Probably would have scared me right into a ditch.
    I collect a lot of things, but never considered mixers. Maybe I'm missing something here.

  4. You are hysterical! I'm like you though...it's like you know what they're thinking and I think you had him pegged perfectly! He was a "sly devil" I think!
    Several years back my son was in his truck on the interstate with my 18 month old grandson in his car seat on the other side and a wild turkey flew across 3 lanes of traffic and a wide median strip and came right through the driver's side window and hit my son while he was going 60-70 mph. He doesn't remember a thing but it broke the glass, my son somehow managed to get the truck off to the side of the road but when the ambulance came he was out cold and he and the baby were covered in broken glass and the turkey was dead at my son's feet. They both had minor cuts and abrasions but otherwise they were both fine. It could have been worse! They asked him if he wanted the turkey (it was right before Thanksgiving) and he said "No"! So, I had to go buy one as I was having Thanksgiving dinner and here we could have had a free one!
    There really ARE a lot of "turkeys" out there so be careful! LOL!


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