Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year...Same Old Addictions...

So I have 22 vintage mixers starting from 1928 up to 1970.... is that an addiction?

I have 23 vintage sewing Grandma's "White" foot treadle being the oldest from 1902... Is that an addiction?

And I have 27 acrylic/Lucite grape a cluster in the shape of a Pineapple... a cluster that is a hanging (& very heavy) lamp and 2 candle stick clusters... so I guess that makes 31 total... do I have an addiction?

Wowzers! when I get addicted to something, I really get addicted! Hopefully there is no cure for my addictions! lol!


  1. Not to y...I just collect everything!

  2. Whew...and I thought I was addicted...and I am ....just different stuff but you give me inspiration! LOL! Especially those sewing machines...NICE! This year is my "moving" year though, hopefully! I want my little cottage or farmhouse in Hanover, Illinois where I come from and I need to pare down before the move but after that there's no holds barred! It will be my last move and where I will settle after 63 years! I will be able to decorate, collect, farm and do whatever I want without worrying about people walking through or decorating for buyers! Show me more! LOL!
    P.S. So thankful for your visit yesterday too! I've missed you and your darling grandbabies! My how they've grown!

  3. Collection not addiction! Words have power, be careful... -smile-.
    I've a few sewing machines as well; my oldest is a German made hand crank circa about 1860-65.

  4. are addicted...ha ha ha!


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