Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I did Today...

I bought this rocker from an Upscale 2nd hand store,,, with the intent of re-upholstering it...

Well 6 months later, I finally did! It had a 1961 brown patterned fabric.... I know it was 1961 because it had a tag on it, on the underside, complete with the name of the client it was custom made for.

I had several yards of this fabric left from an other project and decided it would be perfect for the rocker.... The Doilie (on the back of the rocker) was a gift from a wonderful friend and I just had to applique it on the chair..... I am happy with the rocker and will be putting it to good use tomorrow morning with my morning reading and tea.


  1. I love it! Doesn't it feel good to complete a project?

  2. This is such a lovely floral! The reminds me of a chair that my grandmother used to have on her farm.
    Thanks for sharing!


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