Monday, January 23, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again!

Gary built this saddle stand for me some time back..... it sat, ever so lonely out in the garage, just waiting, hoping, that someday it would be put to good use... well that someday is here...

and as soon as I can get Peek-a-boo kitty to get off my saddle it will be going out to the garage and placed on the saddle stand... but for now, Peekie is "Back in the Saddle again!"... lol!


  1. Kitty looks like she is a true farmgirl too!

  2. posted for Sam I Am by katmom:

    Sam I Am...... has left a new comment on your post "Back in the Saddle Again!":

    Nice rack! LOL! Maybe you can get "kitty" to ride the horse and then put her on You Tube and let her earn her keep! I can see it now...Today Show, GMA, Ellen...oh yeah...Ellen for sure..she loves animals! Ride 'em Kitty!


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