Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play Dates are the Best!

Guess where we went today??? Give-up??? Chuck E. Cheese!!!!

Sometimes you have to 'cut from the herd', leave the beds unmade & the dirty dishes in the sink... and just go play! And so we did!

Meri and I took the girls to go eat & play at Chuck E. Cheese.... a much needed get away after all this snow! Don't tell anyone,, but this was my 1st time in a Chuck E. Cheese,,,and it wasn't at all bad, as I had thought it would be... Actually I had a rather fun time with my daughter and grand babies........................... So I guess that means we are never to old to act like a kid and have fun at Chuck E. Cheese!


  1. If they are the cutest! You're right! Cut from the herd! I wish my grandbabies were closer but hopefully I'll sell this place and move closer. I never see them and they grow so fast! Glad you had a good time at Chuckies...that would be hard for me...I have too many bad/loud memories! LOL! Too much stimulation for this Grandma but then daytime might not be as bad as evenings when we were there when my kids were little. Glad you had a good time! The girls definitely look like they're having fun!

  2. I've never been to one, but the kids look like they are having fun!


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