Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Dazes

I love vintage books and magazines.... and recently found these 2 Zane Gray 1948 books and the cute little 1958 cook book. I especially love little vintage cook books (as well as magazines) for their graphics and "helpful homemaker hints"...

I find that popular images for that era are/were Tea Carts, Paper Lanterns, Parisian Cats and hour-glass figured ladies in aprons!

This particular little cook book had chapters titled: "Especially for the Girls", the ladies white gloved lunch section,,, "When it's Strictly Stag" for the guys when they get together to talk sports & lawn fertilizers...,and "Teen-Age Triumphs",,, for when the teens get together and drink soda with a straw from a bottle while talking about the latest 45's......
In fact I use my little vintage cart to store my cook books, even my vintage ones... to bad I don't like to cook! lol!


  1. How cute! I have a cookbook from my Mother that I think has that same drawings.I'll have to see if I can find it and share the title and see if it's the same one. I do cook simply because I can't get anyone to do it for me and I like REALLY good food and I beat all the restaurants around here plus I try to eat fresh and organic when I can. Love all your vintage stuff!

  2. P.S. Happy New Year! And as for the Zane Grey books...did he write Betty Zane about his wife? I've only seen his fiction books...very interesting! I have a bunc h of old books too...imagine that! LOL!


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